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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Thuraya XT GPS Waypoint Navigation

Thuraya's XT handheld is the only satellite phone enabling GPS waypoint navigation services. This unique service allows users to navigate their way to a selected location with the phone providing distance and directional assistance through an electronic compass.

thuraya waypoint navigation

Since the users of satellite phones are normally based in outdoor and remote locations, they inevitably require GPS services to reach certain locations and to be reached in the event of an emergency.

Through Thuraya XT's GPS application, Thuraya's users are able to access several handy and vital services. Most significant is the ability to navigate to a waypoint that is selected by the user. Thuraya XT's GPS services allows you to save your own GPS coordinates and, based on this the phone, automatically calculates the direction and distance to any required waypoint location. Not only that but Thuraya XT is the only satellite handheld in the market that has a GPS Helper function which allows users to consistently and automatically send their location so that they can be tracked. This is an important feature for monitoring and safety purposes and the position tracking can be essential in emergency situations. Only the user can select who is able to track the phone warding off any chance of unwanted tracking and increasing privacy and security.

For further reliability, Thuraya XT allows customers to save any route taken through the Location Tracking feature which is useful in difficult terrain. The phone will automatically record your route while moving and it will save the waypoints along the route which makes it a very powerful navigation tool.

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