Thursday, June 26, 2008

ICG Transceivers Integrated With Chelton Data Systems

International Communications Group (ICG) announced this week its
AeroCom 3000, AeroCom 1100 and NxtLink 400 Iridium transceivers have been successfully tested and integrated with Chelton's high speed data systems for both voice and data communications. Satellite calls may be placed in Inmarsat Or Iridium equipment.

The successful integration was completed utilizing ICG's Sigma 7BL, Sigma7, Jetphone and Cordless handsets. This integration provides greater flexibility and redundancy for airborne executives flying on aircraft equipped with Chelton equipment since the ICG PBX devices can be used to place and receive calls on either the Inmarsat or Iridium satellite systems.

ICG's NxtLink 400 incorporates four Iridium transceivers with an internal CTU that permits up to ten telephone connections for voice or data. The AeroCom 3000 and AeroCom 1100 cabin telecommunications units (CTU) provides communications automation, medium integration and transceiver management facilities for aeronautical applications. Operational with a variety of standard telephony devices, the CTUs replicate the conveniences and services offered by a contemporary "executive-office" communications systems in an aircraft cabin. Chelton's high-speed data Inmarsat Swift 64 satcom systems are comprised of a high gain antenna, SDU-7300 satellite data unit, HPA-7400 high power amplifier and a DLNA diplexer/low noise amplifier. The Chelton HSD-7000 system used for the integration testing provides two 64K channels that can be expanded to four total channels.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thuraya-3 is ready for starting commercial activities

Thuraya-3 and relating ground network are fully ready for starting commercial activities effectively from 9th June 2008, which heralds a new phase in the Company's expansion and growth towards Asia. The geosynchronous satellite, which was launched by Sea Launch in January this year, underwent a rigorous technical testing on all its Ground, Space and other related systems to ensure high service quality prior to commercial launch.

The company's expanded coverage towards Asia-Pacific, including such major markets as China, Australia, Japan, Korea and Indonesia, will double the current market size and population covered by the Thuraya system, bringing two more billion people under its extensive footprint. The border-to-border coverage provided by Thuraya in each country under its footprint will empower people in rural and remote areas as well as those at sea or beyond the reach of terrestrial networks by providing them a reliable access to modern voice and data communications. Continued coverage expansion provides existing subscribers great advantage and flexibility to use their satellite phones in a larger footprint of nearly 170 countries.

Parallel to technical readiness which has been undergoing since 2007, the commercial infrastructure has also been put in place in time, with highly promising distribution and marketing partnerships established with strong networks in such key markets as Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Macau. Several agreements for ThurayaMarine have also been signed up with specialised maritime distributors which started service provisioning in the Asia-Pacific from last week.

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