Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pivotel Asset Tracking Services on Globalstar Network

Pivotel offers supply and installation services for a range of asset tracking systems suitable for monitoring mobile assets. TracerTrak is an innovative asset tracking product supplied by Pivotel. The TracerTrak systems can be used for tracking fleet trucks and vehicles. Pivotel provides reliable and cost effective supply, installation and support services for a range of asset tracking systems and accessories. The satellite tracking unit of the asset tracking system can be attached to mobile assets. The self contained tracking systems sends security alarm signals to the Globalstar satellite network.

The remote monitoring systems provided by Pivotel can be accessed through satellite phones. The TracerTrak asset tracking system comes with an easy to use interface. Other satellite communication products distributed by Pivotel include data modems, satellite communication units, data enabled mobiles, and data kits. The GSP 1600 model of handsets supplied by Pivotel come with built in data modems. The GSP 1600 handsets have three way calling, call hold, auto-answer and caller waiting features. Pivotel offers efficient support services to its clients with telecommunication needs.

The data kits supplied by Pivotel can be used with GSP1600 model of handsets. The data kits provide internet access to the handsets.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thuraya Launches ThurayaIP Terminal

Thuraya is launching a new small (A-5 sized) broadband terminal with advanced video streaming capability. The terminal, developed by Hughes Network Systems LLC, has a built-in antenna and provides a rapid maximum reception speed of 444 kilobits per second (Kbps) and a maximum transmission speed of 202 Kbps. The terminal video streaming using dedicated channels at a speed of 384 Kbps. The new terminal, among the smallest in the satellite broadband category, is highly efficient for its size in terms of speed offering and video streaming capability.

The ThurayaIP service is offered in various monthly fee packages with limited and unlimited usages, depending on customer needs. The product is aimed at key market segments such as oil and gas, NGOs, government, coastguards, maritime, media (SNG), transport and business continuity purposes. Thuraya has already signed specialized Service Providers in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Europe to promote and distribute the new product, which is currently available through the company's distribution channels. Separately, Thuraya has selected NSSL as a tier one provider of ThurayaIP services, which expands on NSSL’s service agreement to supply handsets and ThurayaIP terminals. Prior to this agreement, NSSL purchased airtime and equipment from other third parties. The new deal gives NSSL full access to all of Thuraya’s products and services, enabling the company to offer these products to its resellers.

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